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AHFNY Member Cathy Kexin Zhang


     Hi all! I’m Cathy! I graduated from Cornell University last May with BS in Nutritional Science, concentrating in dietetics. Currently, I’m a dietetic intern at Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship (KADDI), with a focus on nutrition entrepreneurship.


     I first discovered the potential benefits of nutrition to health when I volunteered at a local soup kitchen during high school. Through planning nutritious and budget-friendly meals for the soup kitchen guests, I realized my passion to help more people achieve healthy lifestyles even when on a budget.


     Entering the nutrition field has opened my perspectives on people’s concerns regarding their diet and health, thus I hope to work with people of all backgrounds toward their health goals and achieving a personal belief in “nutrition for everyone”. The dietetics field is a tight-knit, highly supportive field filled with bright minds and I've enjoyed being a part of it.  


     This past week, I attended the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in New York. This year, the show was held in joint with Healthy Food Expo and Coffeefest, two different but intersecting conferences. I got to experience the show as both an exhibitor and as an attendee.


     On the exhibitor side, I volunteered at the GNYDA and NYSAND booth, in which I helped educate and promote the RDN to visitors. The conference gave an excellent overview of new and upcoming trends in the food & beverage industry from an insider’s perspective.


     Innovative products and equipment were showcased onsite, giving a glimpse of the future in foodservice. I enjoyed the variety of the products showcased, from Quebec cheese and smoked salmon, plant-based dairy, to lots of coffee and tea.


     It was especially amazing to see many local entrepreneurs at the show, such as @eatwannadate and herbal tea from Brooklyn Food & Beverage (@bklynfnb). While the competition in the F&B industry stays intense, it was interesting that businesses co-depend on each other to sell products and uplift each other.  

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Cathy Kexin Zhang
Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Intern, 2018-2019

Cornell Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics’18