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Classified Submission Request
STEP 1 : (How Can we get in touch with you?)
STEP 2: (What is the title or header of the Classified Ad?)
STEP 3: (Please provide the details of the Classified Ad?)
STEP 4: (Who should be contacted if someone is interested?)
STEP 5: (How long should the Classified be available in Newsletter?)
Duration of Classified Posting
STEP 6: (Attach Classified or Job Word Document you would like for members to download and review)
Upload Classified File
STEP 1: Please fill in Name, Email, and Phone Number, and a brief description of the Classified or Job Posting you are looking to submit for Review.
STEP 2: Please tell us what is the title and/or the header of the classified Ad?
STEP 3: Please provide a summary description of the Classified or Job Posting
STEP 4: If someone is interested in the Classified Ad or Job Posting who should be contacted? Please provide a valid Email Address.
STEP 5 : How Long should the Classified or Job Posting be available to the newsletter readers?
STEP 6: Please attach your detailed Job or Classified Posting in .DOCX, .DOC, or .TXT Format.
STEP 7: Please review you information, and once completed hit Submit
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