Tribute to The Industry's Most Overlooked Foodservice Professionals

When my dear friend Eddie Daniels told me that our local AHF chapter

was going to launch a newsletter of their own I was thrilled and asked if

I could add some perspective. 


For 28 years, we have been blessed to cover the hard working men and women of Metro New York's food industry with our publication TFS-Total Food Service and now the nation with our website: In an industry that is often top heavy with its focus on celebrity chefs: Bobby Flay, David Chang et al, it is easy to  overlook the vital work that is provided by so many foodservice professionals. 


Many of these professionals work unselfishly in the Tri-State's healthcare

industry. From a major Manhattan hospital to a Long Island rehab center, the Directors of Patient dining, Nutritionists, Dieticians and culinary teams toil under the radar. We are excited that there will be another outlet to share their stories. 


We have been so appreciative of the opportunity to share a number of the local AHF's celebrations through the years. These have included their annual Trade show in Queens, the Annual culinary challenge and special events including their trip to West  Point. 


When you spend time with these folks, you realize how incredibly passionate they are about what they do. AHF-NY members are also among the industry's nicest folks. When the group's new president

Patrick  Lamont returned from several years overseas, we resumed a conversation that felt like it was from the day before. 


Most importantly, TFS/ welcomes that another voice will champion the recruitment of the next generation of healthcare foodservice professionals. Selfishly, we need that next generation to 

read our publication and visit our web site so that we can fulfill our mission of creating a forum to bring buyers and sellers together. 


By Fed Klashman

Co-Publisher of Total Food Service Publication