Director of Dining Services

     Louis Torres is a native Filipino who has been in the food industry for over 30 years. Louis started out as most do in the food industry needing a job while attending school.  Louis progressed over the years from a diet aid, cafeteria associate, diet tech, and then became a Cook. 


     From there I entered management as a supervisor, production manager, assistant director to finally a director of food and nutrition.  Taking care of people and bringing wellness through food is part of the Filipino culture and that is why Louis has spent over three decades giving back to the food and hospitality industry.


     Louis attended CUNY where he studied Nutrition and Information Technology. Being a food service director understanding nutrition and being able to communicate with my clinicians is an important part of what I do daily.  My objectives and goals are focused on 4 core pillars. The first pillar is sanitation and ensuring a deficiency free department of health assessment.  The second, third and fourth pillars are customer service, food quality, and labor/budget management.


     As the food service industry started to utilize new technologies my background in computer science has helped me quickly learn, adapt, and teach others how to be more efficient in the workplace. 


     In the future, Louis is looking to continue to influence the industry and his own team by spending more time with his residents to better serve their needs. As a new member of AHFNY Louis is looking to cultivate, motivate, and leverage others within the AHFNY community.