From the President

Hello Everyone,

First and foremost let me take this opportunity to thank and recognize the following individuals who made my being the President a reality; Mimi Wang who broached the question to me whether or not I would be interested, and that I would make a great President,


Veronica McLymont who supported the idea of me becoming President, Andria Coleman the outgoing President and Diana Rossi one of our devout Allied Members that encouraged me and for that, I’m truly grateful.

I’m fortunate to have a very active, effective and driven board to work with, and that is one of the reasons why I agreed to put myself in contention for the Presidency. I was confident that my success was not about just me, but our amazing Board, and together we would be successful.

Our goals (see below) will be somewhat congruent with our National goals. They are to grow our Organization by providing value to our members through networking, and sharing our resources and experiences.  We will accomplish this through educational symposiums and other opportunities by many of the industry’s outstanding leaders.

We will reach out beyond our boundaries for other self-operating organizations as well as, vendor members. In fact, this Newsletter is a part of our strategy to grow our local chapter and thereby, getting members to also become a part of our National Organization.

I’ve laid out our goals below though I’m sure they will be dynamic in nature to keep them current and pertinent to the times.

Last but not least, let me thank the Media Magic team for their hard work in laying out the Newsletter and making it a reality. Be on the look-out for our 2nd edition coming soon.

Patrick LaMont

President, AHFNY

2019 Goals

  • Increasing Vendor members substantially by retaining and growing our current membership and providing tangible value thru many avenues, one of which will be our new Newsletter

  • Double our Operator Membership by providing informative information applicable to our members

  • Focus on the Middle Management, Dietitians and Supervisors participation by providing value to their future careers and a road map for success.

  • Provide the opportunity to our local members to also join and attend our National Conference.

  • To become the Gold Standard for Local Chapters

  • To Win the Chapter of the Year award every year

  • Cultivate future leaders that will be the new Presidents of AHF-NY far into the 21st Century

  • Let our Leadership view and recognize the importance of their Organization/Facilities and C-Suite Executives becoming a part of our local and National Organization by showing them the positive publicity for their organization on a national level as well as local knowing that their organization are being managed by the top leaders in the industry.