Coffee So Healthy It Proudly Wears a Nutritional Label

By Total Food Service - October 11, 2012

There’s great news for over 55% out of the 180 million coffee drinkers in the U.S.: healthy coffee is not a myth!

Surprisingly enough, there’s a new health drink on the market and it’s a special one-of-a kind healthy coffee has been developed specifically for heartburn sufferers and other health-conscious consumers. The name says it all: HealthSMART — a state of the art, low acid, additive free, organic coffee for consumers who are looking to enhance their drinking pleasure while receiving multiple health benefits.

Until now, many people who suffer from acid reflux disease (GERD), esophagitis, heartburn or simply sensitive stomachs have been unable to consume coffee without enduring uncomfortable or painful side effects due to coffee’s high acidity. HealthSMART, a Nevada based gourmet coffee company, has developed low acid coffees specifically for this segment of the population.

According to company president Stefanie Reines, “It is estimated that 60% of Americans drink coffee and 55% of them suffer from digestive problems, because other brands of coffee are 3 to 10 times more acidic than HealthSMART.”  Independent labs have confirmed that HealthSMART is the least acidic coffee on the market. And gastroenterologists agree that HealthSMART coffee represents a significant breakthrough that will be well-received by their patients.

What else separates HealthSMART from the rest of the coffee pack? This healthy coffee is a result of the company’s proprietary, FDA-approved GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), TechnoRoasting process which seals in B vitamins and essential minerals typically lost during other roasting processes. Made from USDA certified organic Arabica beans, HealthSMART contains dietary fiber in addition to its high levels of B vitamins and minerals that exceed the daily value established by the FDA. HealthSMART delivers more antioxidants than cocoa, black tea, green tea or red wine.

Because of TechnoRoasting,HealthSMART coffee is never bitter – even when reheated hours later — and thus can be consumed without having to use creamers and sweeteners. This helps to eliminate fats, calories and cholesterol without compromising flavor. When compared to other national brands, HealthSMART is gentler on the stomach, more flavorful and ultimately more enjoyable.

HealthSMART 100% Arabica organic, gourmet, Fair-Trade coffee is friendly to the pocketbook as well as the stomach. The retail cost to the consumer is $17.95 per 12 ounce can which translates to just 13 cents per serving, because each can yields 136 cups. Other gourmet and organic coffees can cost the consumer between 23 and 64 cents per cup.

In our health-conscious society consumers are, in increasing numbers, reading product labels for nutrition values. HealthSMART seeks to contribute to this wellness revolution and has added a complete and unique nutrition facts panel on its coffee label, something not found on any other brand of coffee.

HealthSMART coffee is currently only obtainable at, but will be available at select retailers in the near future. It is also available at wholesale prices to coffee service providers such as retail outlets, organizations and companies.

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