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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Valued AHFNY Member

April 2019

Stephen Chow, RD Business Officer

I graduated from Hunter College and received RD credentials in 1996. I went to do internship at Harlem Hospital Center and Ms. Gloria Grace, Director of Nutrition Services at Harlem Hospital at that time hired me as a Clinical Dietitian out of my internship. Then I came to work as a Clinical Dietitian at South Beach Psychiatric Center in March, 1997. During my college years, my interest in foods and nutrition grew tremendously. During July, 1997, I became a kitchen production Dietitian at South Beach Psych. Four years later in 2001, I became a Director of Nutrition Services at South Beach Psych. Around that time, Ms. Grace told me to join AHF-NY. Back then we were known as Foodservice Administrator’s Association of Greater New York or HFAA.

I moved up to Business Officer position at South Beach Psych in 2012. In my current role I manage the purchasing of goods and services for the entire hospital. I also manage all contracts, and the maintenance of telecommunication equipment.

Since I became a member of HFAA, I had an opportunity to know many Healthcare Foodservice Professionals and business partners from the tri-state area and around the country. I have learned so much about food services, new products and equipment through HFAA’s sponsored educational seminars, networking events and attending the trade shows, and national AHFNY conference. I became a board member in 2008 and served as the President of the organization from 2010-2012. At near the end of my term, our organization name was legally changed to Association for Healthcare Foodservice of New York or AHF-NY.

When you encounter an unexpected natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy back in 1992, the connection and knowledge I gained through our great organization, AHF-NY helped me rebuild our temporary and main kitchens within a short period of time. Our business partners and vendors became great resources for everything I needed to rebuild the kitchen. They helped me to design, specify and identify all of our foodservice equipment needs. They also helped with the procurement of all the equipment including the small wears to rebuild the main kitchen. I also reached out to board members and other operator members for their advice and guidance. We are currently building out 255 beds in-patient building. We will have six dining rooms and a concession stand in the new building. Like the other building project before, I used expertise and advice from AHF-NY business partner members to design, specify and procure all of our foodservice equipment needs.

If I was not a member of this organization, I would have had to pay for the design, and the selection and purchasing of the equipment we needed to complete the project. It would have added a significant cost to our budget. I would like to encourage our operator members to utilize the contacts and resources within our organization to grow your career along with ensuing operational success.

I believe that the AHF-NY newsletter is a great way for everyone to stay connected to other members, business partners, operators, and vendors to ensure your own or someone else’s continued success.

Thank you

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