Terri Berzin, MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian at Archcare at Carmel-Richmond

Updated: May 31, 2019

Valued AHFNY Member

MAY 2019

Terri Berzin, MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian

What my membership in AHF-NY means to me by Terri Berzin, MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian at Archcare at Carmel-Richmond

I have been a member of AHF-NY for the past several years. The organization has afforded me many opportunities to network with fellow members, earn CEU’s, and learn about new product and to participate in special events. The field trips which Stephen Chow and Mimi Wang have so wonderfully organized and led have given members the opportunities to visit West Point, the Culinary Institute of America, Carlo’s Bake Shop, Imperial-Dade and the US Foods warehouses and company operations among others.

We visited Sang Farm, an organic farm out near Riverhead in the fall and under a beautiful sunny day learned all about organic farming and beekeeping, had the opportunity to purchase foods grown and prepared there and later in the afternoon learned about food service equipment at BSF in New Hyde Park. In particular, Sally the Salad machine was a big hit, it put together a salad based on your preferences without a person needed to serve it, just to fill and clean out the machine periodically. If it wasn’t for the $35,000 cost, I would have loved to see it at my facility.

I remember the Carlos Bake Shop trip where we toured the operation, viewed the TV studios and each received a beautifully autographed cookbook and posed for pictures with Carlos himself. We have had the opportunities to attend the New York Restaurant Shows and Hotel shows without charge courtesy of AHF-NY partnerships with our vendors. The annual conference each year held at the Sheraton East Hotel is always a highlight, between the educational sessions, vendor fair and raffles.

I have networked and gotten to know several members on a more personal basis, to mind come Stephen Chow, Mimi Wang, Veronica Mc Dermott and Patrick Lamont who continue to lead our organization. I have met several other friendly, engaging members but am not the best with names unfortunately but I remember faces and the warm greetings I receive when we meet again at events. I hope one day to attend the national conference when it is closer to the NY Metro area again, missed the Baltimore conference due to moving, the national organization even provides stipends for attending. I am proud that our organization and Veronica Mc Dermott have won national awards at previous annual meetings! I hope our members participating at the national conference in Arizona this year have a meaningful experience again and safe travels.

The Employee Recognition Dinners have afforded myself and other members the chance to honor and fete our hard working staff who has gone above and beyond to make a difference in their operations. The Holiday Party is always fun and a chance to cut loose from the everyday demands of our positions. AHF-NY has also given back to the community by having members donate to food pantries at the Employee Recognition Dinner. This year I saw on the calendar that the Recognition Dinner will be combined with the Holiday Party, so I hope this food pantry donation tradition will continue.

In conclusion, my membership with AHF-NY has afforded me the opportunity to network with wonderful, engaging colleagues who are passionate about their work and the organization, to visit places that may not have been so easy or possible to access otherwise on extremely enjoyable field trips, to earn CEU’s, to party on each December and to occasionally win raffle prizes. I hope to be able to participate more in the future and to attend most of the events and field trips that are on the calendar.

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