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Patrick’s Theory on

“The Patient Experience”

           Quality, Consistency and Pride (QCP) are 3 ingredients in my recipe for excellence. Most high performance organizations would tell you “Patient First” however, I would tell you “Employee’s first.”  A culture that understands this and focuses on staff, which I believe is their most valuable resources, will ultimately lead to engagement of staff, residents and patients.

           I believe it’s imperative that organizations understand what is truly important to patients such as getting the patients involved in their care, while getting the providers attention thru the use of technology, data and analytics. It’s not enough to create a title such as “Patient experience officer” unless you have 100% buy-in from every level of the organization. This is where you will create your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

          As Food service operators we must also think differently about how we operate and manage our areas of responsibilities, you should be on the same page of your organization or maybe, just maybe you may need them to come around to your way of thinking.

Think Global

Patrick LaMont, President AHFNY

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President’s Corner
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