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         Russell started in his father’s business at 12 years old as a bus boy.  Over the years he worked as a waiter, captain, maitre’d and finally up to a banquet manager. Russell went to college in the catskill mountains and studied hotel and restaurant management.  While going to school he worked a variety of jobs within the hotel industry.

         When Russell graduated college he returned to work with his family for the next 15 years, working within the family business.  During this time Russell was involved in country club management, food and beverage management in various multi room catering venues. After working with the family business he relocated to Florida to take on an opportunity to work in the Healthcare Industry as an Assistant Food Director. 

         Over the years Russell owned and operated two restaurants one on Long Island and one in Manhattan. Russell also has invested his time in student interns interested in the healthcare industry and also a guest speaker at various colleges.

         Russell is currently the Director of Food and Nutritional Services at Palm Gardens which is affiliated with other properties in Brooklyn.  This year Russell is working on completing a total renovation at the Palm Gardens nursing home production kitchen.

         Being a Member of AHFNY allows members to share their common knowledge and experiences with each other, enabling us not only to learn but to share our own Experiences in a positive way.

Russell Sperber

Director of Food and Nutritional Services

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